About Us

From our inception in 2000 until now, LPG TRADING COMPANY is having vast experience in LPG Installations LOT and VOT for Industrial and Commercial use. We also design Reticulated LPG Systems in Group Housing Societies... Read More

Our Services


We provide 24 hours manpower to operate large LOT/VOT gas banks in Malls and Housing Societies.
Scope of work include:
• Sale of LPG & billing on fortnightly/monthly basis.
• Handling, Weighment & leakage inspection of cylinders before fitment to manifold.
• Periodic maintenance of gas bank repair, spare & service facility for uninterrupted functioning of LPG burners at end users premises.
• Mandatory paid Inspection at the consumers/ end users premises in housing societies.

Capitalgas Assurance

We not only design and erect LPG installations but we provide round the clock maintenance of the LPG installations so that customers associated with us can get optimum energy efficiency from the LPG consumed. This we do by having annual maintenance contracts with our consumers after providing free periodic maintenance in the first year.